Sunday, January 11, 2015

School Injuries 
Picture this, Lacey and her classmates walking down the flight of stairs in P.E class. As she got to the bottom of the staircase she decided to plunge into the air. Lacey looks back and screams "I CAN SWIM." Everybody's eyes are glued on Lacey as gravity pulled her down to the ground. Lacey landed on her feet, but then fell to the ground. Everyone was laughing, until Lacey got up and realized she really hurt herself. Lacey went up to the office and was sent home.

Have you ever wondered how many students get injured? Well, according to the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital, more than 60,000 students are hurt each year all across the country during gym class activities. This graph shows that more students get hurt by falling to the surface than getting injured by equipment or sharp edges. Each year, an estimated 2.2 million children ages 14 and under sustain a school-related injury.

Many students get injured at school, like in this case, Lacey fractured her ankle. At first school grounds seemed to be safe, but now students get hurt from just jumping in the air. Students sprain, fracture, and even break bones at school. Their recovery takes a few weeks and it isn't healthy for the youths body.

All in all, students are prone to get hurt, even if they just trip and fall. But to be safer, try not to jump to high in the air and have a dangerous landing like Lacey. Have you ever had an injury that affected the way you do things?

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